1. How many modules or how many meters of stripe can be fed in series?

                -This information can be found in the official LEDlink catalog or at www.LEDlink.de under the technical data of the respective product

2. How far may the power supply from the bulbs be removed?

                -To determine the voltage drop, there is a general spreadsheet at http://ledlink.de/technical-information

                The voltage drop should always be kept as low as possible to avoid light loss and overheating.

3. How many modules can I connect to a power supply?
              - That depends a) on the nominal power of the power supply used and b) on the power consumption of the module used.
              More than 80% of the nominal power should never be used in order not to overload the power supply in the long run.

4. How do I know how to arrange the lamps?
              - For this you will find information in the respective data sheets or you can contact us by phone / email.







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