Special executions





Example application: Prefabricated LED module in letter form, ready for immediate use. The shape can be modified as desired.

The technical progress and the strong orientation to our customer requirements allow us to produce innovative solutions. Even in the case of irregular shapes, the modules are ideally adapted to the outline as well as to the other conditions of the project. Thus, we can extremely reduce the production time of advertising equipment.

The previous solutions were based on a manual installation of LED modules within a mold. This is a tedious work with a great risk of error.

A close cooperation with the customer allows us to produce a product which meets the desired requirements perfectly. During production process, each phase is precisely adapted in close consultation with the customer.

Thanks to these special constructions, even an 8-time reduction in the assembly at a higher quality is possible. This results in price reduction of the final product and an increase in competitiveness.


Modules from this production area have a 3-year manufacturing warranty.






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